Friday, September 10, 2010

i'm going there someday...

For mutual, all of the miamaids went to Arizona Bridal in hopes of trying on wedding dresses,
but, that feel thru so we ended up trying on prom dresses. They were still super cute, and we had tons of fun!

Me and Aleia had to take a picture of our dresses

me, carley, & aleia

me and mo-mo♥

me and aleia felt like princess's...definately the best mutual ever!


Anonymous said...

We never did that for mutual when IIIIIIIII was that age! Haha how fun!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Raychelle, The picture of you in the gorgeous dress with Mo-Mo (?) you look just like Lindsi.
Aundt Karen

Rae♥Day said...

thanks aunt karen:) yeah everyone's been telling me i'm a little lindsi haha and yeah thats my church friend moriah(mo-mo)

oh and i miss you keri! you and derrick are so cute together :)

Becah said...

Dude!! Only I can call her momo!! what the heck, child!! haha, just kiddin' my beautiful Rae Rae!! I miss you like crazy!! I can't wait till November!!!