Sunday, September 12, 2010

my friends are amazing...

heroes in the house!
me and zoe had a crazzzy fun party on Saturday night, and let me just say, my friends are amazing:) we played the candy-bar game, the skittles game, we had a picture scavenger hunt, we played spoons, white elephant (gift exchange), and smores. Also, we had like every junk food item known to man, and everyone was crazy once all of the sugar kicked in! besides that though, the party was very fun! and we got to go to a stake dance after(also very fun) i'd like to thank my sister lindsi and my mama for making it the best Heroe's party ever!!!

Zoe's attractive face :)
jumping picture #1

Jumping Picture #2

pyramid with torin, adriana, zoe, me and Ellie

duck duck goose, and zoe looks like a terrorist

torin and his "biker" gang
Other team's jumping picture

kissing an animal/kinda :)

their awesome pyramid

sarah eating a carrot, SEXY♥

me and sarah's butt, taken by jas :) he "says"

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