Friday, October 1, 2010

oldies, but goodies...

i was going thru my computer files, and i all of a sudden found all these old's amazing what things you can find while your cleaning thru things.

First Day of 5th Grade...

Me & Sarah goofing off

California (grandma's house)

Me and i miss her!

Me and Muffin, my old puppie ♥

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Amy said...

Ok, I am blog stocking...I found your link to your blog on Christa Johnson's blog. This can't be the Raychelle that I taught in 3rd grade can it??!! Oh my you have really grown up. I didn't even recognize you, I recognized your mom. I hope you are still being an awesome student like you were for me in third grade!!! Send me an email sometime and let me know how you are dong!!

Mrs. Amann
amylori at juno dot com

PS-I grew up with Christa...she was my sister's good friend.